A recent police chase in Raleigh, North Carolina, resulted in the pursued vehicle crashing on Rock Quarry Road. Many times, during a police chase, there are many different drivers and pedestrians who may face harm due to the speeding of the vehicles. In such cases, the legal issue of compensation can become slightly complicated.

Police officers have a duty to protect the citizens around them and they are given the leeway to break traffic rules if doing so is necessary to secure an arrest and if it is reasonably safe to do so. There are certain local areas where even police officers are not allowed to carry out a chase because of how dangerous it can be to the people and property around them. Police officers do have other means through which they pursue criminals on the run, and they are encouraged to use those other tracking methods.

However, when a police chase does occur and the damage is done, then liability must be determined to help everyone pay for their losses. The reality is that since the individual being pursued was breaking the law and failing to carry out their duty of care to society, it is them who will be held accountable for paying for all the damages that the chase incurs.

Whether the officer holds any liability or not for the accident depends on the location of the chase and the specific details of the case. In most cases, however, officers are not held accountable because pursuing the criminal was a part of their job. However, there are certain jurisdictions where officers are not allowed to drive at high speeds and if they do then they may possibly be held accountable for the damage they caused.

Anyone who suffered damage due to a police chase should reach out to an accident attorney to help them figure out who to file a claim against and who to hold liable for the damage. If a person’s property was damaged or if their vehicle was harmed in any way, they should consult with a legal professional to see what options they have available to help them cover their costs.

What action should I take after getting into an accident in Raleigh, North Carolina?

It’s never easy to suffer through the consequences of an accident and anyone who is injured will have an even harder time coping because they will have to deal with recovery alongside worrying about the financial loss they just faced.

Right after the collision, a person should focus on getting medical treatment, securing the contact information for anyone involved, and contacting their lawyer for further instructions. An accident lawyer can help a person through this difficult time by giving them the legal advice they need and taking care of the legal process while a person takes the necessary time to recover in peace.


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