If you are an immigrant and are facing the prospect of immigration court, it is important to understand right from the start that it is in your best interest to be represented by a lawyer. However, legal representation is not provided automatically, so if you intend on having representation, you will be responsible for its costs and requirements. For children or for immigrants whose command of the English language is limited, representation can be immensely beneficial, as having to argue one’s own case in court can yield less than positive results. Unrepresented children face even more intense judgment; statistics show that just 15% of children who are not represented by an immigration attorney are able to avoid deportation.

Having court representation is one of the best ways you can prepare to plead your case in immigration court, which can be a very nerve-wracking, difficult endeavor. Because you will be facing attorneys who work on behalf of the government, you give yourself a better chance at success with the careful representation of an experienced immigration attorney, who understands not only the complexities of immigration law, but also the tactics that may be used against you.

Immigrants who utilize the services of an immigration attorney tend to have better outcomes in court, end up as more likely to be granted release from detention, and are more likely to have access to relief for their situation. Not having the representation of an attorney leaves you more vulnerable to negative action taking place, and possibly even being removed. The chances of receiving a positive outcome in immigration court are much lower without the representation of an immigration lawyer. Statistics have indicated that just approximately 2% of immigrants without attorney representation have been able to avoid deportation after hearings.

Among the many benefits of having legal representation for immigration cases is the fact that those who have an attorney offers immigrants facing immigration court a more fair opportunity. Representation can be the defining factor on whether an immigration case is successful, and it can be crucial in avoiding deportation.

Immigration law presents many challenges, and most immigrants are not versed in the many different intricacies or complications that can arise. In this light, an attorney can offer excellent expertise and strategizing to not only handle the case, but to maneuver certain aspects, such as negotiating affordable bail bond. Without an attorney, this can be extremely difficult to accomplish on your own.

Court representation is one of the most crucial steps to take when facing immigration court proceedings, as legal counsel can give immigrants a better chance at relief, avoiding deportation, and a chance at a more fair hearing. If you are facing proceedings in immigration court, it is in your best interest to be represented by an experienced immigration attorney. If you are located in the Miami vicinity, contact Luis Mariano Garcia, PA today to schedule a consultation, and to learn more about his expertise in handling immigration cases such as your own.

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