Boca Raton, FL – Because nursing homes are responsible for caring for elderly people who are vulnerable to various kinds of illnesses and health problems, these facilities are heavily regulated by the government. One of the main ways that regulations are enforced is by inspections at regular intervals. Facilities that have violations during an inspection may be fined or eventually lose their ability to operate if the problems are not fixed within a certain period of time. 

Government regulations and jurisdiction

The Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration is responsible for enforcing various regulations for adult day care, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes. They also maintain data related to the results of their inspections and the status of any facility that has been reviewed. Their process for inspections also includes ways to categorize deficiencies by severity. They are recorded in formal documents called Statements of Deficiencies. For example, a class four violation may only be an administrative error that does not affect the safety of the patients in the facility, while a class one violation needs to be corrected immediately because it puts workers and patients at serious risk.

Reports are available to the public through records laws within about a month after the conclusion. The records are kept for eight years afterward. They are meant to become a valuable source of public information about conditions in nursing homes for consumers and any family members who are considering long term care. Because homes with serious violations lose their licenses, the government also maintains data related to which facilities have an active license and are legally able to operate. 

Issues with negligence in nursing homes

When a facility is found to be deficient, this obviously means that residents in the home are much more likely to get sick or be injured. This can be a serious problem, as people who are staying in nursing homes are much more likely to experience fatal injuries of severe health complications from minor mistakes and common illnesses.  A lawsuit can list all of the costs and problems caused directly by the facility’s employees, administration, or safety violations. The victim can argue that they should be paid for all of these problems through a settlement agreement or at the conclusion of the trial. Damages can also include compensation for emotional trauma and physical pain. 

Nursing home abuse attorneys are available

Rosenberg Injury Law is available to help families who have had problems with care in a local nursing home in the Boca Raton area. Anyone who wants to learn more can contact the firm to receive information about lawsuits against negligent facilities. 

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The Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Rosenberg

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