Why are truck drivers in Erwinville required to have a commercial license?

Erwinville, LADrivers of trucks and other large commercial vehicles need to be mindful of a number of issues that do not apply to standard vehicles. Things like cargo and weight limits, restrictions on driving hours, and required rest breaks are all things that truck drivers deal with on a daily basis. Violations of these rules can result in serious consequences such as accidents and financial losses due to lost or damaged goods.  If a trucker was in violation of various commercial regulations when an accident happened, it is likely that their employer will be sued for negligence and have to pay any truck accident victims as well.  

Commercial license requirements in Louisiana

A driver must be at least 18 years of age to drive commercial vehicles within the state of Louisiana, or 21 years old to make interstate trips. The specific license that they obtain must also match the class of vehicles that they will be driving. Louisiana divides commercial vehicles into class A through D based on things like the size and weight or the vehicles, along with the purpose of the vehicle. The applicant must be able to prove their identity and citizenship, file an application with required fees, and pass a written test. After the exam is passed, the driver will be given a learner’s permit where they can drive with another licensed commercial driver present. A road test taken in the appropriate class of vehicle is the final step before the license is issued.

If the driver will be transporting hazardous materials, they also need a separate endorsement on their CDL for this purpose. 

Requirements after the CDL is obtained

After getting a CDL, commercial drivers still need to be aware of certain rules that affect their ability to work and transport materials. The federal government limits the number of total driving hours that a commercial driver can spend on the roads each day. The driver needs to have an up to date logbook that shows what hours they were driving. The vehicle may also be inspected by the state government regularly at weigh stations. This is because a truck that is too heavy is much more likely to have issues with braking, turning, and staying balanced, which can result in commercial vehicle accidents. Additional restrictions on the dimensions and sizes of all vehicles apply, as a truck that is too large may damage a bridge or an underpass. 

Meeting with a local attorney for help

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a firm that works with accident victims in the area of Erwinville and nearby parts of Louisiana. Their attorneys can provide advice about all aspects of a civil injury lawsuit.  

Firm contact info:

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf

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