Why are trucks subject to weight limits in Louisiana and other states?

Baton Rouge, LA – Trucking is regulated in a number of different ways to help keep the roads and highways safe in Louisiana. The weight and dimensions of the vehicle are important, as are the driver’s qualifications and experience on the road. Weight limits for trucks exist for a few specific reasons. If a truck is involved in an accident and violations are found, they can be fined or sued. 

Purposes of weight regulations

In a general sense, truck weight limits are enforced to keep the driver and others nearby safe from problems. Roads have issues that can become a catastrophe if a truck that is too heavy passes by. The weakest parts of bridges or overpasses can collapse if their maximum weight capacity is exceeded. When cargo is too heavy, it can be difficult to keep secured in the trailer or other parts of the vehicle. The driver is also in danger from extremely heavy cargo as they will not be able to brake or turn properly. 

A related area of regulation is ensuring that the trucks maximum height and width are not exceeded. This is to protect underpasses from damage, as well as making enough room for vehicles to fit in lanes nearby and get around trucks when necessary. 

Finding evidence of negligent behavior

When a truck driver causes an accident, there will be some kind of investigation and accident report generated that details the findings. If excess weight, an improperly maintained truck, or other issues were a cause of the accident, this may be used by the victim as evidence of negligence. If there is strong evidence on the plaintiff’s side, the company that owns the truck may agree to a settlement that pays the victim for most or all of their losses. It is also possible that the issue of negligence is decided by a jury after a trial. 

The process of a truck crash lawsuit

After meeting with an attorney, the victim will receive advice about how to best proceed. If there is a lawsuit, both the trucking company and the individual driver may be attached as defendants. Any relevant evidence will be exchanged until the plaintiff and defendant decide whether a settlement agreement or a trial is necessary. The compensation available to the victim depends on the severity of their injuries and losses. 

Help after a collision with a truck

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf are experienced personal injury lawyers who help people throughout Louisiana with various legal issues. When a collision occurs in the Baton Rouge area, accident victims can call the firm to discuss their situation and find out if a lawsuit is necessary. 

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