Aiken, SC – The purpose of a personal injury lawsuit is for the plaintiff to receive as much compensation as necessary to cover the value of all of their losses. The attorney’s job is to help get the best possible result for the client as quickly as possible, especially considering most civil lawsuits take between several months and a few years to resolve. Over time, lawyers have found that negotiating a settlement with the defendant tends to be the best way to accomplish these goals in most cases. During current times, over ninety percent of accident cases will end without needing a trial. Anyone who has specific questions about the settlement process should direct them to their attorney

The inefficiencies of a trial

While most people picture a lawsuit concluding with a full trial in a courtroom, this is unnecessary in many accident cases. Trials may require additional legal fees from the attorneys and others such as expert witnesses and jury consultants. The local court system also needs to find time for the trial to be scheduled, which can result in more delays. There is also the possibility that a jury rules in favor of the defendant in a negligence case despite evidence that supports the lawsuit, which means that the plaintiff will not receive any compensation. For these reasons, settlement negotiations tend to be more efficient and cost effective. 

Settlement negotiations

The negotiation process will give both the plaintiff and the defense attorneys room to present their side of the case and argue for their clients in a similar way to how the jury is convinced in a trial. The victim can still ask for the same amount of money they would want to receive after a trial, and they may not have to subtract as many costs and fees out of the final settlement as they would if there was a trial. Most accident attorneys already have these kinds of negotiation skills, so there is little added benefit in having to deal with the formalities of a trial to get a similar result. 

Privacy concerns

There can be negative consequences for any person or business who is named in a lawsuit. These filings and various other court documents can become public record. By settling out of court, the parties will not have as much public attention and any associated negative consequences. 

Assistance from a local personal injury lawyer 

There are accident attorneys in Aiken and other cities who are available to help anyone who has recently been injured. The Clekis Law Firm is a group of experienced legal professionals who help local clients in South Carolina. 

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