Why Do People Keep Losing Their Lives Due to Fiery Semi-Truck Crashes in Michigan?

When a semi-truck strikes a passenger vehicle, this is unfortunately only the beginning of the issues. Tragically, these heavy vehicles often ignite, causing explosions, fires, and terrible injuries for innocent motorists. Often, these incidents are fatal. In fact, a few of these incidents have been reported within the past few days in Michigan, highlighting the worrying safety concerns within the state’s trucking industry.

If you have been injured by a semi-truck crash in Michigan, it makes sense to get in touch with a qualified, experienced accident attorney as soon as possible. The sooner you book your consultation, the sooner you can work towards a fair, adequate settlement for all of your damages. This settlement can help you pay for medical expenses, missed wages, and much more. But we know what you’re thinking: “Where can I find attorneys near me?” Check the end of the article for a clear answer.

Crash Involving Semi-Truck Ends in Fatal, Fiery Tragedy

On June 21st, it was reported that two drivers had lost their lives after suffering fatally severe burns (1). The incident occurred on I-94 near Taylor, when a semi-truck collided with a passenger vehicle before igniting. The flames swept across both vehicles, causing serious destruction and fatal injury. Reports aren’t exactly clear on how this accident occurred, but it seems as though a passenger vehicle truck a pick-up truck, which then swerved into the semi-truck and caused the crash.

Gravel Truck Causes Fiery, Fatal Crash

On June 16th, it was reported that a gravel truck had collided with a pickup truck near Detroit on I-75 (2). This collision resulted in a fiery crash that left the driver of the pickup truck dead. After striking the pickup truck, the gravel truck then lost its trailer. This trailer then fell onto a Dodge Charger, causing additional injuries. No further details were reported.

Why Do Semi-Trucks Explode?

Semi-trucks tend to explode because they have larger gas tanks. It’s really that simple. A larger gas tank means more fuel, which in turn creates the potential for a much larger explosion or fire. Semi-trucks are also more likely to cause fires because they may carry flammable materials as cargo.

Suing for Burns

It’s worth pointing out that the settlements for burn injuries can be quite considerable. This is because courts recognize that a burn not only affects your physical health, but also your mental health as you try to deal with a potentially disfiguring injury.

Where Can I Find an Attorney Near Me?

If you’ve been searching the Michigan area for a qualified, experienced truck accident attorney, look no further than Neumann Law Group. With our assistance, you can strive for the best possible results in a highly confident manner. Often, this means receiving a considerable financial settlement for everything you’ve been forced to endure. Remember, internet research can only get you so far — so book your consultation today and get started with an effective action plan.


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