Why do some accident cases in Brownsfield take a long time to resolve?

Brownsfield, LA – Lawsuits have a reputation for taking a long period of time before the matter is totally resolved. This is especially true in cases related to accidents and personal injuries. The average civil lawsuit for these kinds of issues will take anywhere between a few months and a couple of years to resolve, although it is possible that some cases will last even longer. 

However, it is important for anyone who has brought an accident lawsuit to give their lawyer enough time to research the issues related to the case, and make sure all aspects of the lawsuit are completed properly to get the best possible result. If a case is taking a long time, it likely means that some kind of crucial information or evidence is needed before the lawsuit can be concluded with a favorable outcome. 

The process to resolve a lawsuit

There are a number of different steps in a civil accident case. The lawsuit complaint needs to be drafted by the plaintiff’s lawyer and filed in the local court system. A copy of these documents is served to the defendant, and they have a chance to respond to the allegations. After the response, the parties can begin to exchange all of the information and evidence that is relevant to the case through the discovery process. At any point in time, settlement negotiations can begin to try to resolve the case entirely, but it is also possible that the lawyers will need additional time to prepare for trial. 

Issues with litigation

There can be various issues that draw out the lawsuit during this time. For example, some accident cases are complex and involve a lot of information, and it can take a long time before both sides get everything they need through the discovery process to be ready for trial or settlement negotiations. Relevant information about an accident case can involve the victim getting multiple medical examinations to prove their injuries. Some witnesses may also need to be called into an office, placed under oath, and take a deposition regarding what they know about the accident and the kinds of things they will say at trial. Lawyers are also allowed to file motions to make certain requests, such as summary judgment or a dismissal of the lawsuit for various reasons. Motions require separate hearings in front of the judge assigned to the case. All of these matters require scheduling and notice to the parties involved as well. 

Accident lawyers in Brownsville

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a firm that helps people with their accident cases in Brownsville and other parts of Louisiana. They are available to meet with anyone who has questions about bringing an injury lawsuit. 

Firm contact info:

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf

3960 Government St., Baton Rouge, LA 70806



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