Midland, TX – It is common for people to have various kinds of arguments or disputes throughout their workday. However, there are some things that an employer is absolutely not allowed to do, regardless of the situation. Workers should review some reasons why they may want to contact an attorney in order to protect their rights. If there is a questionable action by a supervisor or manager, the worker can talk to a lawyer to explore their options.  


This usually happens after a worker has already taken some kind of action against their superiors, or asserted their legal rights even if they were discouraged from doing so. The worker may later find that they have been terminated, demoted, or given a negative performance review. The employer may even give a pretext that looks valid on the surface for taking these illegal actions. 

Discrimination issues

Employers cannot treat someone unfairly or take adverse actions against them based on any protected characteristic. These include race, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, and religion. If any employee finds that they have been mistreated because of these characteristics, the employer has violated various civil rights laws and they can be sued. 

Missing or unpaid wages

While some employers generally have a payroll issue or glitch that can affect a worker’s pay, there are other times when the company will purposely do things that are meant to illegally save them money at the worker’s expense. The worker should check to see that they have been paid properly, including issues related to overtime and minimum wage. It may be possible to correct the issue internally within the company if there was an honest mistake. However, the person should get legal help if it seems that their employer is being evasive or refuses to correct an obvious problem. 

Improper handling of medical issues

Workers do have certain rights if they have a bona fide medical problem and they are entitled to time off or various other medical requests. Some employers simply want to terminate or discipline the worker if they need to take time to take care of medical issues, which is illegal. Various systems are in place for disabled or injured workers to receive help legally and without fear of retaliation from their employer. All workplaces have to follow these rules, or they can be subjected to various sanctions. 

Employment lawsuits in Midland

Moore and Associates is a firm that represents workers in Midland and nearby parts of Texas in labor and employment lawsuits. Meeting with an attorney is the best way for a potential client to learn if a lawsuit against their employer is necessary. 

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