Phoenix, AZ – All drivers are required by law to carry some form of basic liability coverage to drive on the government’s roads. There are also laws that make it a criminal penalty to leave the scene of a crash without at least making contact with the other driver. However, there are a number of other reasons why accidents should always be reported to the insurance company. The policy does act as a form of protection for drivers that can be utilized during the aftermath of a collision. 

Filing a claim and compensation

If a driver wants to have any chance of receiving compensation for their vehicle damage and injuries, the insurance company needs to be notified to start the claim process. This is the main reason that people pay for insurance, so not reporting the accident is essentially a way of wasting money that has already been paid into the policy. 

The contact between the insurance company and the driver

Anyone who has an auto insurance policy can review their terms and the specific language regarding accidents. There is usually some kind of agreement between the provider and the driver that all collisions will be reported. By not reporting the accident, the driver may violate the policy and risk having their coverage dropped. 

Determining whether a lawsuit is necessary

All insurance policies have some kind of limitations regarding what will be paid for after a collision. There are also situations where the specific types of damage or injuries may not be covered at all due to the policy’s terms. Following most collisions, the driver will attempt to exhaust available remedies from the insurance process before taking other actions such as bringing a lawsuit. It is usually easier and more efficient to simply start the insurance process and have them handle everything, especially for minor car accidents. However, anyone who was injured in a collision may also want to retain a lawyer and receive advice about the process to be compensated for their medical costs. 

The insurance company should always be contacted to create a record of the incident, even if the victim ultimately ends up bringing a lawsuit and having their attorney handle these matters. The lawyer may be able to receive a much larger amount of compensation on the client’s behalf than the amount that an insurance company would be willing to pay.  

Injury lawyers in Arizona

Southwest Injury Law assists clients in the Phoenix area with their accident lawsuits. Anyone who needs assistance with bringing a case against the person or business responsible for their losses can contact the firm to speak with a legal professional. 

Firm contact info:

Southwest Injury Law 

4425 North 24th St., Ste. 225, Phoenix, AZ 85016 


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