Although misdemeanor crimes aren’t as serious as those that are classified as felonies, many still carry jail time, something most people are looking to avoid having to serve after having been charged with a criminal offense. Because a misdemeanor can land a person in jail, result in them having to pay hefty fines and fees, and even serve time on probation, those who are charged with a misdemeanor offense should consider retaining an Ingham County, MI criminal defense lawyer.

And here’s why.

Criminal defense lawyers have a very important job and that is to protect their clients’ rights. This means going back to the date of the alleged offense to see if, at the time of an individual’s arrest, they were treated fairly. Were they stopped and frisked without reasonable suspicion and probable cause? Did an officer coerce them into a confession? Did the arresting officer conduct an illegal search?

All of this needs to be taken into account as it could lead to certain evidence becoming inadmissible. Inadmissible evidence is evidence that “cannot be presented to the jury or decision-maker.” According to the Legal Information Institute, this often happens when:

  • The evidence was “improperly obtained.”
  • “It is prejudicial.”
  • “It is hearsay.”
  • It has no relevance to the case.


The more evidence that becomes inadmissible, the harder it may become for a prosecutor to prove an individual should be convicted of a crime.


Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Sometimes Work Out Plea Agreements With Prosecutors


Another advantage of hiring a criminal defense lawyer in Ingham County, MI, even if it is to represent a misdemeanor charge, is they can sometimes work out a plea agreement with the prosecutor. Instead of an individual going to trial where they risk being convicted of the crime they were charged with and face the maximum penalties it carries, a plea agreement may lead to the charges being reduced to a lesser degree. This would also result in less severe penalties being imposed.

Although a plea agreement cannot be reached in every criminal case, a MI criminal defense attorney is going to explore all the avenues an individual can take to potentially get their charges reduced or dismissed.

There are many other advantages to retaining a criminal defense lawyer after being charged with a misdemeanor crime in Ingham County, all of which criminal lawyer Stuart R. Shafer can explain to someone who has had criminal charges filed against them.


The Law Offices of Stuart R. Shafer, P.C. is Ready to Help Those Who Have Been Charged With a Misdemeanor Crime


If an individual or a family member of theirs has been charged with a crime in Ingham County, MI, and they are looking for an attorney who is going to look out for their best interest and protect their rights, they are encouraged to contact The Law Offices of Stuart R. Shafer, P.C.


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