This will be an important election for Florida’s future. That’s why I am endorsing Michael Weinstein for Florida House of Representatives, District 81.

This week, I had a long conversation with Michael to understand his values and vision for our state’s future. I trust Michael’s leadership and believe he has the experience to be an effective legislator.

As an Assistant State Attorney, Michael saw first-hand the horrors of gun violence. He is committed to fighting for the changes that need to occur to keep our communities, schools, and residents safe from gun violence. 

In addition to the law that we passed after Parkland, which resulted in Red Flag laws that save lives and raised the age to 21, we need additional common-sense gun safety legislation including expanded background checks on weapons and ammunition, a ban on assault weapons, and a limit on high capacity magazines. The time to act is now. We cannot afford to wait. Michael Weinstein has my support.

Please join this campaign today so we can move common-sense gun safety legislation forward in Florida.

Thank you.

Fred Guttenberg

Parkland Parent and Gun Safety Activist

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