Why is it important for drivers in Concord to get a copy of their accident report?

Concord, CA – When someone is involved in a crash, they should notify the police and their insurance company as soon as possible. This helps start many processes that are designed to protect the driver and their rights to sue or file an insurance claim for financial help. One of the most important things that is done by the local police is an investigation by officers with traffic experience and the generation of an accident report that covers many important details. These details can include the place of the accident, time it happened, people and vehicles involved, and opinions about the cause of the crash. 

An accident attorney in California can provide more specific information about how an accident victim should respond. It is also important for drivers to get an overview of why the accident report is necessary. 

Preventing fraud and other crimes

When police arrive at the accident scene, they can get an idea of what happened by viewing the damage and speaking with witnesses. In situations where a report is not generated and there is no police presence, it may be much easier for those involved to try to commit insurance fraud or engage in other illegal acts. Insurance fraud and related crimes are fairly common, and they cost American drivers large amounts of money each year. 

Evidence in a civil negligence lawsuit

Drivers in California and other states have to pay the victim’s costs through insurance or other means if they are found to be negligent as a matter of law. Negligence cases all have elements that must be proven through the evidence, and an accident report can become one of the most important pieces of evidence during the lawsuit. This is because an accident report contains expert opinions about the cause of the collision, and it is more likely to be reliable and unbiased than most other kinds of evidence such as testimony from witnesses or each driver’s own biased account. 

Insurance purposes

An insurance company has many different processes designed to determine if they will pay out or deny a claim. The accident report is usually one of the more important pieces of evidence they will look at to decide fault, whether the person’s specific damage is covered, and other aspects of their case. When a driver is unsure about any aspect of their claim process or if their accident will be covered, they should contact their provider with specific questions. 

Assistance from a local accident attorney

USAttorneys.com is a website that lists lawyers who focus on helping people after accidents in Concord and other cities around the country. People who need legal advice can choose a state and a practice area to get more information about lawsuits. 

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