Yuma, AZ – The process to divorce often becomes expensive, time consuming, and complex. However, lawyers and family professionals have come up with various ways to minimize some of these headaches and get people moving on with their lives as quickly as possible. 

The definition of mediation

Mediation is essentially a type of negotiation that can happen outside of the courtroom to get the couple to agree on certain issues and expedite their divorce case. Mediation has become popular because it allows people more flexibility during the divorce process. It is essentially meant to get the parties to agree to the important terms of their separation, and they can proceed with finalization of their divorce once the relevant documentation is in place. 

Some court systems are now in the practice of ordering couples to attend mediation sessions to try to resolve their case in a shorter amount of time. 

Who needs mediation during their divorce?

This is a decision that needs to be made on a case by case basis. However, there are some common factors present for couples that successfully mediate the ending of their marriage. Mediation tends to work best for couples who need to negotiate over disagreements, but do not need the formalities of a court proceeding. Anyone who wants to end their marriage and move on more quickly can also benefit from mediation, as these sessions do not need to be scheduled on a court calendar and follow the family court’s rules of procedure. Couples also receive more privacy with mediation than a trial in a court setting that will have many other people present and documentation that can become public record. 

Any important decision regarding a divorce case should be made after consulting with a local family lawyer. 

What are some of the most common contested issues at a mediation session?

Child custody tends to be a stressful and emotional topic for most couples. There is generally a presumption that the couple should aim for an even split on custody time, but this is not always feasible due to things like work schedules, schooling, and necessary travel. Property division is also one of the most drawn out aspects of a divorce case or negotiations, as each party to the divorce generally wants to keep as much of their separate property and the shared marital property as possible.  

Experienced family lawyers are available

Schneider and Onofry handle divorce cases and family issues in the Yuma area. Anyone who needs to speak with an attorney who is licensed in Arizona about a divorce, child custody hearing, alimony payments, or related issues can contact the firm to get help. 

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