We’ve heard about difficult divorces in Hollywood along with the those involving other power couples, but this particular divorce case is being called “one of the most toxic cases” in Oakland County, MI [Source: Detroit Free Press]. Perhaps you have heard about it. It involves Omer Tsimhoni, who is an is an Israeli citizen and former pilot for the Israeli Defense Forces but now works as a General Motors researcher, and his ex-wife Maya Eibschitz-Tsimhoni. Maya is a pediatric ophthalmologist by training who taught at the UM Medical School.
The two married back in 1995 in Israel and later moved to the U.S. They had three children together between 2001 and 2005. Tsimhoni had moved back to Israel and while Ms. Eibschitz-Tsimhoni and the kids joined him, it was only months later that she decided to move back to Michigan. She felt the marriage was “broken” and filed for divorce in 2009. And this is where the battle began. At that time, Ms. Tsimhoni was worried that her husband was going to attempt to take the children back to live with him in Israel which is one of the reasons she filed for divorce. Her husband responded to her actions by filing a case in both Israel and the U.S. District Court in Detroit claiming his wife had kidnapped the children.
Despite the documents that were filed, Ms. Tsimhoni was awarded temporary custody of the children. During this time, Tsimhoni was still permitted to see his children but exchanging them became so hostile that police were required to be present so that they could mediate the situation. Tsimhoni also accused his wife of turning the kids against him, although she claims he did that on his own as he was aggressive towards them. In 2011, a judgement of divorce was entered and Judge Gorcyca granted joint custody to both parties but required the children to live with their mother most of the time. Tsimhoni was also ordered to pay $1,170 a month in child support.
Things really took a turn south in 2015 when the children began protesting having to visit with their father. Gorcyca warned them that if they continued to “defy her orders,” she would have them sent to Children’s Village, which is a juvenile detention center. The children’s attitude toward their father continued and after refusing to meet with their father or interact with him in the courthouse, Gorcyca became so upset that she began content hearings against the children. The source says that the couple’s eldest child, who was told by Gorcyca that he had the worst behavior she had ever seen in 46,000 cases, apologized to the judge, but not to his father. He claimed his father was violent and would hit his mother.
All three children were detained and transported to the detention center for the summer. Gorcyca also ordered that no one from the children’s mother’s side could visit the kids while detained. The case eventually caught the attention of the media and soon the Tsimhoni’s family matter became known in the U.S., Europe, and Israel. After the children were moved from the detention center to a Jewish camp, they then went to live with Tsimhoni, but their mother could not make contact with them for 90 days.
In between this time, Ms. Tsimhoni requested that Gorcyca be taken off the case and eventually she was granted her request. However, Gorcyca was now facing misconduct charges after nearly forcing the children to interact with their father and using demeaning things to them in court. Finally, in 2016, Ms. Tsimhoni was reunited with her children and was spending about 68% of her time with her kids.

Child custody battles are one of the reasons why some divorces take so long to settle.

The couple was said to be still battling over the sale of a home in Ann Arbor and after going through 21 different MI family law attorneys, the two are now representing themselves. Their case has accrued more than $400,000 in legal fees and they even went through three Oakland County Judges. The case isn’t over yet. It appears court documents were filed in June in the Oakland Circuit Court and Tsimhoni is asking that he be repaid for attorney fees and costs.
Gorcyca’s attorney said that this case was “every judge’s worst nightmare while an attorney who was not representing either party in the matter said, “it’s war between these people. There’s hate, there’s vindictiveness. Everybody gets burned.”
It’s obvious that divorces can bring out the worst side of the parties involved, especially when children are added into the mix. However, when you choose the right divorce attorney in Michigan from the start who is committed to obtaining a favorable outcome and is willing to work with you and your spouse to come to an agreement, you stand a chance at getting the matter finalized rather than having it drag on.

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