Metairie, LA – Evidence that is related to car collisions can become crucial for things like determining fault and damages. Because a few key pieces of evidence can determine the outcome of the case, it is important for both sides to the litigation to have access to as much relevant information as possible. One piece of evidence that is always relevant is the testimony of witnesses from the accident scene or the people involved in the collision. These people can possibly receive a notice that they have to appear at an office to receive questions and give answers during a deposition. 

Questioning during the deposition

A deposition usually starts with a few basic pieces of information such as who the person is, where they live, their occupation, and their age. The questions will start to get more specific about their health if injuries are relevant, or their particular location and perspective when the accident happened. These specifics will depend on exactly how the person was involved, as someone who witnesses the situation only will probably be asked very different questions from a person who was in one of the vehicles that crashed

One of the most important segments of the questioning will be about the collision itself. This can include the time of day, road conditions, how much traffic was in the area, if there were any obstructions on the road, and other relevant lines of thought. The behavior of the drivers involved and how their cars were positioned before the crash is also very significant. 

The deposition’s uses and purposes

Two of the main purposes of a deposition in a personal injury lawsuit are to give the parties specific notice as to how a witness will testify at trial, and also to impeach the witness if they change their story and give inconsistent statements in the deposition versus their trial testimony. If it becomes clear from the statements given in a deposition that one side may lose at trial, they may also be more likely to come to a settlement agreement. 

Anyone who is about to be deposed should ask specific preparation questions to their attorney. 

After the depositions are over

When both sides to the lawsuit have deposed the witnesses they needed, the case is likely to end with a settlement. This may compensate the victim for most of their losses tied to the collision. A trial is also a possibility if there is no agreement. 

Car crash lawyers in Louisiana

Walker Daly LLP focuses their efforts on helping accident victims in Metairie with lawsuits and other matters related to maximizing their compensation. Anyone who has recently been involved in a collision can contact the firm for immediate help.

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