We all know how difficult divorces can be and that these matters often bring out certain types of behavior we didn’t know we had buried inside of us. When assets, child custody, and child support are all laid out on the table, it is hard to determine how stressful and overwhelming a divorce case can become. For one man in Maryland, his divorce may have pushed him over the edge as he began plotting to kill his wife or frame her, accusing her of being a terrorist.

Here is the full story and why this husband was willing to go to such great lengths after his wife filed for divorce from him.

According to the Miami Herald, after Khalil Ahmad’s wife filed for divorce back in April 2018 and he was hit with nearly $710,000 in lawsuits from others who claimed Ahmad owed them money, he began devising a plan that would not only serve as a form of retaliation against his wife but also help him collect some insurance money. While his initial thought was to kill his wife as he feared she “could take a large portion of his money through the divorce,” he decided to stick with plan B and make her out to be “a terrorist-in-training” with “extremist jihad writings” and a “ballistic vest.” The news outlet highlighted that both Ahmad and his wife were originally from a Middle Eastern country.
While Ahmad’s plan was in the works, police were later approached by an unidentified individual in May who claimed Ahmad was going to kill his wife or frame her and that he also had plans to burn down Allah Rakha, which is a restaurant Ahmad owned in a city in Maryland. After burning down the business, Ahmad planned to collect an insurance check after he had just raised his policy by about $200,000.
After the individual who informed police of Ahmad’s plans came forward, they had him meet with Ahmad on multiple occasions that were “covertly audio/video recorded.” The recordings were able to “capture Ahmad figuring out how to pay the person for framing his wife” and it even captured him “touring the restaurant to see how they could make the fire look like an accident.” Police then “staged an arrest of Amhad’s wife to convince him that she had been framed.” When police went to his home, he even alleged that his wife took terrorist classes and went to a training camp for terrorists.
While Ahmad was under the impression that his plan had worked, he was later brought into the Anne Arundel Police Department and was confronted. He claimed that the unidentified person was the one who was responsible for coming up with the “scheme,” although police knew better than that. Ahmad, who is no longer the owner of his restaurant, was then arrested on August 2ndon federal charges which include stalking and conspiracy to commit second-degree arson. It isn’t yet clear whether Ahmad has hired a criminal defense lawyer to represent him with his case.

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