Ja Rule’s Fyre Festival might be compared to that of a sinking ship as the event turned out be chaotic, and resulted in a $100 million personal injury lawsuit filed by a disappointed, and rightfully so, attendee.
Ja Rule and Billy McFarland are facing a $100 million personal injury lawsuit for the disastrous display they put on that failed the expectations of many excited individuals.
If Ja Rule was looking to make a comeback from his past career as a successful musician and rapper, he surely disappointed anyone that wanted to support him and possibly ruined any chance of regaining any sort of fan base ever again. Jeffrey Atkins, who has gone by the stage name “Ja Rule” for years now, hit a breaking point in his career back in 2004 after his song titles went from topping the charts to barely getting any radio play. But, while his music has died down, he seems to be breaking news headlines as of lately. What is Ja Rule up to and why might he want to step out of the spotlight once and for all?
According to major news sources such as Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair, Ja Rule and Billy McFarland, who are co-owners of Fyre Festival, are being accused of taking part in a get rich quick scam that left them with millions of dollars. Although the duo claim they are both free from guilt and had no intention of scamming anyone out of their money, one lawsuit states otherwise.

What is the Fyre Festival?

Ja Rule and Billy McFarland decided they were going to take the feel of the island and combine it with rap music. They wanted to create a festival on a remote island where people could enjoy the getaway, get lost in the music, and free themselves from what was left back at home. Indeed, the idea of the Fyre Festival was appealing and enticing which is why people were spending anywhere between $1,500-$15,000 for their tickets.
Whether it was the pitch for the Fyre Festival that caught many people’s attention as it displayed young, beautiful women walking on sandy beaches in the glistening sun, or maybe it was a slide in the presentation that stated, “Come, Seek, For Searching Is The Foundation Of Fortune,” people wanted to attend, and they did. The outcome, however, was nowhere close to what the attendees expected nor did it match up to any of the promises that were offered when they made their purchase.
According to fyrefestival.com, the event was going to take place on an island in the Bahamas which required individuals to travel by plane from Miami. The two owners along with their “team” chartered 737 planes that “shuttled guests via 12 flights a day from Miami.” But, when guests arrived, they didn’t see the talent, luxury, or the experience they were promised. In fact, they witnessed the total opposite. While many musicians were expected to perform, none attended the event. In fact, one attendee uploaded a photo on Twitter displaying the gourmet meal they were promised. It consisted of a white Styrofoam take out box and inside lay two pieces of whole wheat bread, two slices of cheese, some lettuce and tomato. If people wanted that they didn’t necessarily have to spend $15,000 to get it.

Where Else Did the Duo Go Wrong and Why are They Being Sued?

Aside from the fact that the two claimed the island was privately owned by Pablo Escobar, although it isn’t and is actually a “site near Sandals in the Bahamas strewn with garbage,” there were many other issues that “surprisingly” popped up. Take for instance, the portable tents that somewhat resembled those provided by FEMA and the portable bathrooms that were set up. The tents were windblown and the rain took nearly all of them to the ground. So, there was no talent, hardly any food, and limited shelter. How could such an appealing event be planned so poorly? While the two claim they may have been a bit naïve, others seem to attribute this lack of planning to their desire to get rich quick.
While Ja Rule and McFarland have promised that the next Fyre Festival is going to be epic and claim they are providing a refund to all that attended, one guest, identified as Daniel Jung, has taken the initiative by hiring a personal injury attorney and filing a class action suit for this inconvenience. The four complaints are as follows:

  1. Fraud
  2. Fraud-Negligent misrepresentation
  3. Breach of contract
  4. Breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing

And unfortunately for Ja Rule and Billy McFarland, the Fyre Festival will now go down in history and not the way they had hoped for.

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