Yuma, AZ – Doctors can provide treatment for injuries, but they can also collect evidence and provide important information about injuries for legal purposes as well. This type of info may be used during settlement negotiations or trial to prove the extent of the victim’s injuries and give specific information about how their life may be affected. Anyone who has been harmed in a collision should follow the instructions of their attorney and their doctor, as multiple visits to physicians may be necessary throughout the course of the litigation. Actually following the instructions for treatment can also be important for the victim to be able to receive the maximum amount of compensation allowed by law. 

Reasons to go to a doctor

If a person has been hurt in an accident, they should contact local police or emergency services to be transported to an emergency room nearby. If the injuries are not apparent immediately, but the victim starts to have symptoms like back or neck pain at a later time, they should still go to a doctor or a hospital as soon as possible. This record of a visit can be significant for the insurance process, by showing that the victim was serious about needing treatment.  

A doctor is also the only professional who is able to give a complete and accurate diagnosis of a person’s specific condition or health issues caused by their accident. Injury lawyers do not usually have medical training, and they merely relay this information to others and argue for compensation for their clients.   

Testimony from medical experts

Doctors and other experts in their fields are often called to give important forms of testimony. When a witness qualifies as an expert, they are also allowed to give opinions and make other types of statements that are normally forbidden by the rules of evidence. This kind of testimony can be very convincing to a jury. 

Damages and medical evidence

A doctor may give an estimate of the costs of care for a certain injury, which will be factored into economic damages. They may also speak about the effects of the injury on the person’s quality of life and mental state, which can be relevant to non-economic damages for pain and suffering. The victim may also have bills and invoices from hospitals and healthcare providers, which are often the best proof of damages and the most significant costs in any injury case

Local injury attorneys in Yuma

Schneider and Onofry represent accident victims throughout the Yuma, Arizona area. Anyone who retains the firm may receive compensation to help pay for their expenses from an accident settlement or trial.

Firm contact info:

Schneider & Onofry, P.C.

207 W. 2nd St., Yuma AZ 85364



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