An innocent truck driver in Southern California was the unfortunate victim of an accident brought on by road rage. While he had nothing to do with the incident, his vehicle was implicated by the actions of two other drivers. Hopefully the trucker hires an accident lawyer in California to recover the compensation for the damage and injuries he and his vehicle sustained.
Although it is common to get upset sometimes while driving, road rage should always be avoided as it is the cause of many auto accidents.
We have all been in that situation where a vehicle cuts us off, nearly crashes into the side of our car, or does something that flat out makes us mad while we are driving. But, one thing you always want to do is remain calm as frustration and other emotions can cause you to think irrationally and even display irrational behavior.
One motorcyclist apparently wasn’t able to control his feelings which led to a major roadway incident in Los Angeles during the early morning hours. The incident occurred on the southbound 14 Freeway near Newhall in Santa Clarita. A witness who was traveling as a passenger in a vehicle behind those that were involved caught the action on camera. NBC Los Angeles provided the video for you to view and you can see how fast one small action can turn into chaos.

Biker Kicks Sedan Which Leads up to Multi-Car Crash


In the video footage, you can see the motorcyclist kicking the side of a sedan and the sedan then veering over to the left, pinching the biker to the center divider. Apparently, the sedan inadvertently cut the biker off which ignited the road rage. After the biker kicked the vehicle, the sedan then swerved and crashed into the wall and swerved back out into the roadway. At that point, the sedan had lost control of the vehicle and hit a Chevy pickup truck causing that to flip over on its roof.
You can hear the witnesses recording the video stating it was time to call police and you can see the motorcyclist continue riding past the crash he could be potentially found guilty for causing. The California Highway Patrol is still investigating the accident, however, and looking for the biker as he could be facing charges for hit and run.
While you can’t control other driver’s behavior, you can control whether you take legal action after an accident. Many auto crashes leave drivers with vehicle damage and bodily injuries that may be compensable. If you are ever involved in a collision, contact a local California accident attorney who can inform you on what you might be entitled to collect.

Tips to deter yourself away from engaging in road rage

Road rage incidents often lead to innocent individuals getting hurt, just like we see in this particular accident. Although you might be in a rush, frustrated, or overwhelmed with angry emotions, avoid engaging in any activity that could potentially cause you or anyone else to get hurt.
Geico has provided some tips you can implement to avoid road rage and those are provided below:

  • Move over in the event someone is tailgating you.
  • Gesture that you are sorry to attempt to defuse a heated situation.
  • Plan ahead and ensure you have enough time in the event delays arise.
  • Adjust your driving accordingly if you have done something to anger another motorist.
  • Use your horn sparingly.
  • Listen to music to keep you in a calm and happy mood.

And remember, road rage can become deadly so avoid it at all expenses.

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