Will a drunk driver lose their license after causing an accident in Central Louisiana?

Central Louisiana, LA – Penalties for drunk driving offenses in Louisiana and other states always come with some kind of license suspension period. This is meant to deter drivers from committing multiple offenses or being able to drive before they complete substance abuse treatment. While these suspensions may stop drivers with substance abuse issues from getting back on the roads temporarily, only the worst offenders will lose their driving privileges permanently. An attorney should be consulted after an accident involving a drunk driver in Louisiana, as the person responsible can be made to pay for the damage and injuries that they caused.  

Penalties for DWI offenses

All drivers who are charged under Louisiana’s DWI statute will lose their license for a certain period of time. Depending on things such as the person’s prior record of driving offenses and the severity of the offense, these penalties can last from several months to years, or even a permanent license revocation for the most severe offenders. However, it is important to realize that many people who are on the roads currently may have served a driver’s license suspension in the past for various kinds of traffic violations and crimes, as it is rare for a person to lose their driver’s license permanently. Other penalties associated with the DWI conviction can include fines, jail time, and completion of substance abuse treatment. 

Commercial drivers

Anyone who drives commercial vehicles for a living may have other difficulties after a drunk driving offense. They can potentially lose their job and have trouble getting work in the future if their record shows a drunk driving offense. This is because employers generally want to avoid the liability of having to pay for damage caused by one of their drivers through insurance or other means, especially if the person is a high risk driver.

Lawsuits against drivers in civil court

Any driver who causes a car accident will be subject to negligence lawsuits in civil court if the victims decide to sue. Civil cases against drunk drivers can result in the person responsible paying for medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and possibly even punitive damages. These cases can be filed even if the driver was not convicted in criminal court, as the cases are separately decided. 

Legal advice after an accident caused by a drunk driver

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a law firm that helps accident victims in Central Louisiana and other parts of the state. Their attorneys are available to meet with potential clients during an initial consultation.

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