Will a Police Report Go Automatically to my Insurance Company After a Car Accident in Boca Raton, Florida?

Sometimes victims of car accidents in Boca Raton, Florida hesitate to call the police and make a police report. If your accident was minor and involved no injuries, you may wonder if a police report will be automatically sent to your insurance company if you choose to call the police. The short answer is no. A police report is simply a record of what took place at the scene of an accident, written by a police officer. In almost all cases, you’ll have to send the police report to your insurance company yourself. 

Is there a situation where your insurance company could receive the police report without you sending it? Absolutely. But it won’t be because the police sent the report. If you exchange contact information with another driver at the scene of an accident, you’ll also likely exchange insurance information and contact information of your insurance company. It is entirely possible that the other driver or his or her Boca Raton, Florida car accident lawyer could get a copy of the police report and send the report to your insurance company. The best way to own the narrative in this situation is to inform your insurance company that you’ve been in an accident as soon as possible and have your car accident attorney send the police report to your insurance company along with other relevant information to put the report into context. 

Sometimes, individuals involved in minor accidents know that they don’t want to involve their insurance companies and don’t want to make a police report. Yet, it is important to understand that there are some situations where you are required by law to make a police report in Florida. In Florida, if you were involved in an accident that involved another person’s death or injury, were involved in a hit and run accident, believe that the other driver may have been drunk, or were involved in an accident that resulted in property damage that exceeds $500, you are required by law to report the accident to the police. Yet even a minor fender bender can sometimes result in damages that exceed $500. In general, it is a good idea to report all car accidents to the police. And if you have questions about the next steps, like seeking a claim from your insurance company, or whether you should submit the police report to your insurance adjuster, then consider reaching out to Bernstein Polsky, a car and truck accident attorney in Boca Raton, Florida today.

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