Will auto insurance pay for all losses related to an accident in Addis?

Addis, LA – Auto insurance is an important way for drivers to cover their liability for causing accidents, as well as other types of losses. Basic liability coverage is also required for drivers in every state. However, it is possible that a driver who files a claim after an accident will be disappointed. Insurance companies do not always act as their customers expect, and this is partially done to save money. People who have been in a car accident and are dealing with insurance issues can contact their attorney for more advice. 

Filing an insurance claim

Drivers should always notify their insurance company and file a claim after an accident. This is required to give the company notice of the crash, and it also will start the process for the driver to receive compensation. Many times, the insurance company will try to offer a settlement early on in the process. The initial offer is usually an amount that is lower than what the victim deserves, and it should not be accepted without being reviewed by an attorney. 

Negotiating with the insurance company

It may be necessary to file a lawsuit and start formal settlement negotiations for a victim to receive sufficient compensation. The victim’s attorney can bring a civil negligence case, which argues that due to the defendant’s breach of the relevant standard of care, they must compensate the victim appropriately. The damages that the plaintiff can ask for include lost income and wages, costs of healthcare and emergency medical treatment created by the accident, non-economic compensation for pain and suffering, and punitive damages if the defendant acted recklessly. 

Getting to settlement negotiations

The case will not likely need a trial, as these are not the preferred way to end accident cases. However, settlement negotiations are an important way for the victim’s attorney to use the evidence to show why their client needs sufficient compensation. The total timeline from the time a case is filed to the conclusion of the lawsuit can range from a few months to a few years depending on the complexity of the accident and the amount of relevant information that needs to be shared. 

How is fault determined in the state?

Fortunately for plaintiffs in Louisiana, their partial fault will not prevent them from collecting compensation. If they are partially at fault, this can affect their damage award by an amount relative to their level of fault. 

Injury attorneys in Louisiana

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a firm that works with accident victims in the area of Addis and other parts of Louisiana. Anyone who needs more information from a local lawyer can contact the firm to get help.  

Firm contact info:

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf

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