The family of a deceased tow truck driver was left shocked after learning that the woman who killed their loved one was released on a personal recognizance (PR) bail last month. PR bail means she didn’t have to pay anything but must attend all scheduled court appearances.
It was May 11th, 2017, when Scott Bowles, 39, was dispatched to retrieve a vehicle that had been involved in an accident earlier on U.S. Highway 190 in Harker Heights. Bowles was working for Goodes Tow Truck Company and upon arriving at the accident scene and pulling to the side of the highway, he activated his truck’s emergency lights. While Bowles was walking over to the disabled vehicle, a minivan clipped him and amputated his leg below the knee.
The tow truck driver was transported to Seton Medical Center in Harker Heights where he later died. He left behind a wife and two sons.
The driver of the minivan, identified as Sybil Glenn Warrick, 56, was arrested this year on May 2ndin Fort Smith, Arkansas, and was transported back to Bell County where the accident occurred. The Bell County Sheriff’s Department had to pay a prisoner transportation company $419.50 to go and pick up Warrick in Arkansas and bring her back to Texas. After arriving back in Bell County, Warrick was formally charged with criminally negligent homicide. However, toward the end of the month, Warrick was released on a $50,000 PR bond. According to the Temple Daily Telegram, the bail was set by Bell County Justice of the Peace Ted Duffield.

Bowles’ Wife Shares Her Thoughts on the Release of Warrick

Stephanie Bowles, now a widow and single mother of two, said in a Facebook comment, “One step forward, five steps back” after learning that Warrick was released. She also stated, “I cannot believe she was released on a PR bond. The family has been harassing me for forgiveness; however, we haven’t even received justice. Scott cannot come home so why should she?” While it is at a judge’s discretion to award bail, if Warrick happens to miss one court appearance after being awarded the PR bond, she would then be required to pay the full bail amount and runs the risk of being arrested again in the future.
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