A major crash occurred back at the end of May that left a family of five in critical condition. According to Detroit Free Press, the SUV had been traveling eastbound on I-94 near Ann Arbor when it crashed into a school bus that had been stopped on the side of the road. The bus had been experiencing engine problems and was in the process of being towed. The tow truck driver was said to be standing near the rear of the bus at the time the SUV crashed into it.
Nader Chehadi, 42, the driver of the tow truck, was killed as a result of the accident.
The Michigan State Police reported on the incident and said that there were no passengers on board the bus at the time of the accident. The adults and three children who had been traveling in the SUV had to be transported to an area hospital all in critical condition. All About Ann Arbor later reported on the fatal crash and identified the driver of the SUV who was said to be at-fault for causing the collision. Andre a Shantay-Ne-Edwards, 25, had been operating the SUV and made an abrupt lane change to the right, crossing over all lanes of the freeway. She then drove onto the shoulder and attempted to reenter the freeway but ended up crashing into the back of the stalled bus before making it back onto the roadway.
It turns out, Edwards was driving without a valid driver’s license and all three of her children ages two, four, and five, were not properly restrained. Edwards and her five-year-old child suffered the harshest of injuries and her four-year-old was listed as being in serious condition. The two-year-old was in stable condition. Edwards also had a passenger riding in the SUV with her, identified as Antoinette Butler, 28, who was in critical condition as well.
The tragic collision left the lanes of eastbound I-94 closed for several hours at South State Street until the investigation was complete and the scene was cleared.

What should a victim of an accident of this degree do following the crash?

If you are someone who lost a loved one to a truck accident or suffered a severe injury as a result of an accident caused by someone else’s negligence in MI, it is important you become aware of your legal rights. One of those rights is to pursue the at-fault party for compensation that will make up for the damages caused. In some cases, you might be able to recover compensation from their insurance company, but in other instances, you may be able to file a civil suit and collect more.
The best and most effective way of achieving this is with the help of a Michigan truck accident lawyer. According to the book 7 Critical Mistakes Made in Hiring an Injury Lawyer…and how to avoid them!, which was written by John J. Schalter, J.D., “choosing the right lawyer can dramatically make a difference in the money you get to compensate for your injuries. Unfortunately, many individuals forgo their right to do so and choose to not pursue the at-fault party for a number of different reasons. While some feel guilty for taking legal action, others are fearful or aren’t sure they actually are entitled to it.
Personal injury claims are often filed when the victim of an accident caused by another person’s negligence is seeking compensation for their injuries.
But, the truth is, these types of accidents often lead to a victim suffering both physically and financially, and that should be accounted for when the accident was caused by another individual’s recklessness. And Schalter says that “if your case is legitimate, there is certainly no reason to feel guilty. An important insurance claim or lawsuit can actually make the world safer because it forces defendants to fix things that are broken.”
So, if you have been involved in a wreck and wish to learn more about whether your case qualifies you to file a claim or how much it might be worth, contact USAttorneys.com today. We will help you locate a truck accident lawyer in Michigan who is qualified and capable of providing you with all the assistance you will need.

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