Woman Goes on “GTA-Style” Rampage in Mississippi

Things can quickly get out of hand when you mix alcohol with cars in Mississippi. Throw a few police cars and firearms into the mix, and you have a recipe for pure mayhem. This is exactly what happened when a Mississippi woman went on what has been described as a “GTA-style” rampage in Jones County. This individual was eventually brought to justice, and somehow no one was seriously injured.

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Drunk Woman Rams Police Car While Firing Shots

Drunk drivers don’t usually get this crazy, but every once in a while, police are forced to respond to a truly unstable, dangerous person who has decided to get behind the wheel while intoxicated.

Such was the case when Jones County deputies responded to what they thought was a routine wellness check on May 24th of 2022 (1). They were searching for a woman who was driving a black SUV, and they eventually tracked her down at a dollar store.

Deputy James Smith was first on the scene, but he had barely entered the parking lot before the woman made a quick escape. Reversing at full speed, she rammed Smith’s police cruiser, causing considerable damage to the driver’s side door.

This is when the pursuit began in earnest, and the woman sped off down Highway 15. Smith followed but came under fire as the woman discharged a handgun out the front passenger window. Fortunately, her shots missed — and the pursuit turned out to be quite brief.

After being stopped and taken into custody, the woman was charged with a DUI, having failed a sobriety test. She was initially facing much worse consequences, as she could have been charged with a felony aggravated assault for ramming Smith’s police cruiser (2). However, Smith suffered no injuries, and so the charge was dismissed.

Where Can I Find Attorneys Near Me?

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