Workplace harassment is one of the least reported crimes in the United States.  Harassment at the workplace has many forms, from derogatory office language, unwanted  advances, and being coerced into a lewd favour by a superior. Many women do not report harassment because they are afraid that they might lose their job or face a hostile working environment. Usually, if the offender is a person of high position, HR may not address the situation. Additionally, the superior may even use their authoritative status to harm the victim.

The first step a victim of harassment should take is to file a formal complaint with HR. If a victim feels that their HR department has not taken the complaint of the misconduct seriously, then they should hire a Kansas city Harassment Attorney. The attorney will be able to help the victim understand what their options are when they are dealing with such a predicament. It is to be noted that workers are protected from  harassment at a federal level through Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  

Harassment in the workplace is usually not a one-time thing. The offender may pursue the victim multiple times before the victim reports the matter to the HR. In such cases, the victim must document all the events of misconduct and report it to their employer immediately. It would be beneficial to have the conversations documented if possible. Later, if an individual has an employment dispute, they can use these archived conversations as evidence.

If HR does not take a stand against the offender, then the victim has to file an official claim at the state and federal levels through the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission. Filing for an official claim related to workplace harassment can be an intimidating process. The victim can consult a Kansas City harassment attorney to make sure that all the evidence of the harassment and the claim is filed correctly. Harassment attorneys specialize in this area of law; they are the best support you can have.

If the victim feels that the matter of misconduct is still not resolved, then they can file a discrimination charge against the offender and employer. The victim can also file a discrimination charge if the employer has made the work environment more unsafe after they have filed the claim. The  harassment attorney can represent the victim in court with all the pieces of evidence that they have collected. The attorney can push for damages and compensation for the emotional and physical trauma that the victim has suffered. is a portal where an individual can find the best Kansas City harassment attorneys with years of experience. They are determined to protect the rights of workers and bring them justice when they face unlawful discrimination.

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