The driver of a work truck and his/her passenger was killed in a tragic accident mid-June on I-10 after he/she apparently lost control of their vehicle [Source:]. California Highway Patrol stated that the truck had been traveling in the eastbound lanes of I-10 near San Bernardino around 6:48 a.m. when it left the roadway and struck the bridge railing. The driver then veered back to the right away from the railing and collided with a white International Truck that was hauling a box trailer.
The work truck continued to spiral out of control and hit the bridge railing a second time. As a result of the impact, the truck was thrown over the railing about 30 feet down and into the Santa Ana riverbed. It burst into flames and both occupants in the truck died at the scene of the crash. That same truck had also been carrying construction material of which some was ejected over into the westbound lanes of the interstate. A piece of wood hit the windshield of a Honda CRV driven by a 34-year-old woman from Beaumont. Thankfully that woman and the driver of the big rig survived the accident and both declined to receive medical treatment. stated that the accident left the three left lanes of the interstate closed for several hours while the crash was being investigated and cleanup crews worked to remove all the debris from the roadway. Authorities were also called to the scene to inspect the bridge as the accident did result in some damage [Source: The Sun].

Four Injured in Multiple-Vehicle Crash on Highway 395

A few weeks after this collision, another occurred on Highway 395 near Desert Flower Road at around 9:47 a.m. The Daily Press reported that a Toyota 4Runner had been heading south on the highway when it “drifted across the double-yellow lines” and sideswiped a tractor-trailer that was traveling in the opposite direction. The 4Runner skidded sideways and into a Chevy Colorado truck. The Chevy rolled as a result of the impact.
When emergency medics arrived at the scene, they had to transport the driver and the passenger of the 4Runner to the hospital along with the passenger of the Chevy. The driver of the Chevy had to be airlifted from the scene. The crash was being investigated to determine what caused the 4Runner to veer into the opposite lanes.
Whether distractions were a factor in both crashes or they were cases involving drowsy drivers, the fact is, both accidents described above occurred during the morning hours. As you know, this is a peak travel time as many are trying to make it to work, to get their kids to school on time, or are on their way home from their night shift at work. And unfortunately, many of these drivers are rushing, attempting to multitask, or didn’t get enough sleep and are tired which means you need to be on high alert if you are someone who commutes during the morning hours as well.
The fact is, many accidents occur during this time of day and if you are someone who has been involved in a truck crash recently in San Bernardino, CA, it is best that you sit down with a truck accident attorney and discuss the incident. You may learn that you are entitled to compensation you weren’t aware of that can help you cover the unexpected expenses that have arisen as a result of the accident.
If you recently sustained an injury in a truck collision in San Bernardino, let a reputable truck accident lawyer review the details of your incident to determine what it is worth.
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