Worker’s Compensation: 5 Ways A Lawyer Can Help With Damages

Every employer must maintain a safe workplace to protect their employees and customers. But when employers neglect this responsibility, good employees can get injured or worse.

Unfortunately, many workers’ comp cases are denied due to a lack of evidence or bureaucratic disqualifications. But experienced workers’ compensation lawyers can prevent you from being taken advantage of.

Below are five ways an attorney can help you during a workers’ comp claim.

Handle Legal Communications

Many moving parts and paperwork need to be appropriately handled when filing a workers’ compensation claim.

An attorney can ensure you complete all necessary paperwork correctly and submit everything according to deadlines. Otherwise, you may not qualify for the benefits and compensation you deserve. They can also take over all communications with the accused party or opposing lawyer.

So you don’t have to deal directly with anyone except your lawyer. The legal world is full of dense terminology and complex processes. The right lawyer can navigate this with you, answering questions and preparing you for certain steps.

Gather and Organize Evidence

When you make any legal claim, you need evidence to support your claim if you want decent compensation. Workers’ comp claims are often denied due to a lack of evidence. But an experienced attorney can help you gather all relevant and helpful evidence.

You may be surprised to learn what qualifies as useful evidence! Below are some examples of evidence that a lawyer can help you gather and organize to strengthen your workers’ compensation case:

  • Medical records and bills
  • Footage or photographic evidence of the incident
  • Witness testimonies
  • Vocational expert testimonies
  • Professional medical opinions
  • Statements from friends and family
  • Evidence of poor workplace safety
  • Evidence of lack of workplace training

Not all cases have the same weaknesses and strengths, and determining what evidence you need can be challenging. An expert workers’ comp lawyer will assess your case and determine what type of evidence will strengthen your case and maximize your compensation.

Navigate Negotiations and Settlement Agreements

Are you a professional and experienced negotiator? Probably not. Negotiations are a crucial part of a workers’ compensation claim. You can receive the compensation you deserve without presenting the case to a judge or jury.

However, these negotiations can be a legal minefield, and you’re likely up against the other party’s attorney or team of lawyers.

Unfortunately, the odds of an average Joe being out-maneuvered in these legal negotiations are high. Having a lawyer in your corner can protect you from being taken advantage of during negotiations.

Even the most intelligent and competent people can be frazzled during a complex negotiation. A lawyer makes these negotiations go smoother and help you understand what your claim is worth so you accept the fairest settlement offer.

Represent You At a Trial

While many workers’ compensation cases end in a settlement thanks to negotiations, not all do. The case will go to trial if you and the other party can not agree upon a settlement.

Even if you have a strong argument and understand the legal jargon, a courtroom is a very intimidating place.

Hiring an experienced lawyer can substantially reduce the pressure and stress of presenting your case in court. An attorney will also be better versed in curating effective opening and closing arguments and showcasing the evidence in a digestible manner.

Advise on Other Claims

Many worker’s compensation claims go hand in hand with personal injury claims. An experienced lawyer can help you navigate other lawsuits or claims that tie into your workers’ compensation case.

They can walk you through those procedures or recommend further action against other parties. You may not even realize you are eligible for certain benefits until a lawyer explains the situation.

Do You Need a Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

Very few claims are straightforward. Even if you think you have a solid case, these claims can be stressful and draining.

Take some weight off your shoulders and increase your odds of receiving adequate compensation by hiring a lawyer to help you through this process.

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