3 Key Issues That Will Affect Workers Compensation

Workplace injuries constitute a very serious issue affecting many employees every year. Although the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that no sector saw an increase in workplace injuries during 2012, approximately 1.5 million people missed work due to serious injuries that same year.

workers compensation 300x199 3 Key Issues That Will Affect Workers Compensation

As you can imagine, workers-compensation cases are very complicated because the laws span a variety of sectors and business that are not easily combined. The already complex process is also facing many problems as it tries to adapt to modern life.

The number of fatal injuries has decreased by more than 25 percent in the past eight years, but evolving workplaces and worker populations may change that statistic in the near future.

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1. Changing Age Demographics May Strain the Workers Comp System

Many people are worried about the aging population of American workers, fearing that older employees will be more likely to suffer serious injuries than the younger generation. Furthermore, younger generations are not as eager to join the workforce as in the past, forcing certain industries to keep older workers at their jobs.

Insurance Journal points out that those fears may be misplaced. Researchers are noticing that middle-aged workers are more likely to suffer debilitating injuries than any other demographic.

2. Emerging Problems With Treatments

Most experts warn that opioid addiction will be plaguing the workers-comp system very soon. The problem is that doctors are prescribing opioids for pain relief to most workers-compensation claimants. Currently, we are beginning to see a wave of workers who are unable to return to work or suffer additional injuries because of opioid abuse.

Some worry that the workers-comp industry is creating addicts at a frightening pace, but it’s difficult to change the process until the medical industry implements changes, because doctors still maintain that opioids are the best solution for most patients. Opioids aren’t the only treatment option worrying industry analysts, though.

Currently, 20 states have legalized medical marijuana, prompting some to speculate that workers-comp claimants will begin to use this drug as an alternative to opioids or other treatments.

This would be problematic for several reasons, not the least of which is the fact that federal laws still consider marijuana a controlled substance. Also, if insurance companies approve marijuana treatments, employers worry that it may lead to drug abuse at work.

If you’ve suffered an injury at work or you’ve lost a loved one to a workplace accident, then you may have grounds to file a workers-comp claim. At USAttorneys, we connect injured workers to dedicated legal professional all over the country.

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