Workers-Comp News: OSHA Fines Tesla Over Accident

Whenever an employee is seriously injured in a workplace accident, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration conducts a thorough investigation to determine whether or not a safety violation contributed to the injuries. In other words, OSHA holds negligent employers accountable for workplace injuries.

workers compensation 300x199 Workers Comp News: OSHA Fines Tesla Over Accident

There’s no doubt that many injuries are the result of an unforeseeable accident. Jobs in some industries, like manufacturing and construction, carry certain risks, and no amount of precaution can prevent every accident. However, these injuries need regulation more than others because negligent behavior can increase the chances of a serious accident on the job.

For example, OSHA recently completed an investigation on a Tesla factory accident that injured three employees. According to Value Walk, an aluminum casting machine broke down, spilling molten metal on three workers. Their clothing immediately caught on fire.

Although they all began to roll on the floor to put out the flames, each victim sustained second and third degree burns. One of the victims received burns to his organs and remained hospitalized for 20 days.

OSHA Immediately Launched an Investigation Into the Incident

After examining the equipment and interviewing the workers, OSHA determined that the employees were working in hazardous conditions due to several safety violations. Specifically, Tesla failed to properly maintain the equipment, increasing the risk of a failure.

Furthermore, the agency determined that Tesla did not adequately train workers or provide the proper equipment for face protection. In total, OSHA found seven violations and fined the auto manufacturer $89,000.

Tesla denies the violations and plans to appeal the decision, citing the fact that their safety record is better than the industry average. The company also says that it has taken steps to ensure that something like this doesn’t happen again. For example, the factory retired the equipment that caused the injuries.

If you’ve been injured in a similar workplace accident, you’ll want a workers-comp attorney on your side to help you seek the benefits you deserve. Whether you work in manufacturing, construction or a low-risk industry, you are entitled to compensation.

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Tesla Says the Employees Are Collecting Workers Compensation

The company released a statement, saying that the workers are receiving workers-comp benefits. Furthermore, Tesla is paying the employees their full wages as they recover. Unfortunately, not every company is so quick to offer benefits.

Certain employers worry that paying benefits will increase their insurance payments, so they fight every claim their employees make whether or not the claims are warranted.

In these situations, the employee needs an ally to find access to workers-compensation benefits. That is where workers-compensation lawyers come in.

An attorney can help you gather your evidence and present it in the best possible way. If need be, your lawyer can also help you file an appeal.

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