Yakuza Boss Arrested in New York For Selling Surface-to-Air Missiles

If you think that Yakuza crime bosses only exist in video games and Quentin Tarantino movies, think again. The Yakuza is alive and well in New York City, and apparently they’ve been selling air-to-surface missiles. Where on Earth did they even get these weapons? Who were they selling the missiles to? These are all important questions, and the answers are being slowly revealed as New York authorities have brought one Yakuza crime boss to justice.

If you are a member of the Yakuza or any other criminal organization and you are facing charges for selling air-to-surface missiles, be sure to get in touch with a qualified, experienced criminal defense attorney in New York as soon as possible. These legal professionals can help you fight for your Second Amendment Rights as you strive for the best possible outcome.

Undercover Agent Offers Surface-to-Air Missiles to Yakuza

Like so many other crime bosses in New York, this particular Yakuza boss was undone by an undercover DEA agent (1). The undercover agent offered the crime boss a number of surface-to-air missiles and other military weapons. The agent then told the Yakuza that they would broker a deal with armed ethnic groups in Burma, allowing them to receive large quantities of heroin and meth in exchange for the weapons. The plan was to sell these drugs in the United State for a considerable profit. The Yakuza were under the impression that these military weapons had been taken from military bases in Afghanistan after the United States withdrew from the Middle East and left numerous weapon systems behind.

The Yakuza Boss Faces Numerous Charges

The Yakuza boss and his co-conspirators face numerous charges, including conspiracy to import narcotics, conspiracy to possess destructive devices, conspiracy to acquire, transfer, and possess SAMs, and money laundering (2). Money laundering alone carries a maximum penalty of 20 years, and the other counts carry a maximum penalty of life imprisonment. Of course, all of these defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty, and they could potentially escape charges if there is a mistrial or if the undercover DEA agent committed some kind of misconduct during their investigation. One thing’s for sure, these Yakuza members are going to need a skilled legal team.

Where Can I Find a Defense Lawyer?

If you’ve been charged with crimes in New York, you might be wondering: “Where can I find criminal defense attorneys near me?” Consider Darren DeUrso, Attorney at Law. This firm has considerable experience defending individuals from a range of criminal charges. Whether you’re involved in organized crime or you were simply caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, Darren DeUrso can help you pursue the best possible outcome. Book your consultation today.



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Image Credit: US Army

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