You’ll Never Guess Why the US Postal Service is Being Sued

Many people complain about the US postal service from time to time — and for somewhat predictable reasons. Maybe a parcel got lost in the mail, or perhaps something arrived damaged. Maybe you received a letter that was intended for someone else. Whatever the case may be, we can all agree that the US Postal Service isn’t perfect — and perhaps we shouldn’t expect them to be. But recently, the government organization was sued — and you won’t believe why.

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Why is the US Postal Service Being Sued?

Sixteen states are currently suing the US Postal Service (1). It’s not about unsafe procedures, fraud, or even slow delivery. It’s about electric vehicles. Yes, you heard that right — the US Postal Service is being sued because it has failed to switch over to electric delivery trucks. This might seem a little ridiculous, but the plaintiff states are completely serious. They claim that this will have untold effects on the environment, and that the Postal Service should be forced to adopt a fleet of EVs.

Among the most vocal critics of this decision are the District of Columbia, the City of New York, and an environmental organization located in the Bay Area. A variety of other environmental and labor groups also joined the lawsuit, demanding that the Postal Service change their decision.

Biden’s Promise

But is the Postal Service really to blame here? After all, it was Joe Biden who pledged to replace the federal governments entire fleet of federal vehicles with EVs by 2030. Apparently, this would cut the government’s carbon emissions by 65% by 2030 with the goal of reaching 100% net zero emissions by 2050. If the Biden administration has allowed the Postal Service to go ahead with its plan to replace an aging fleet with gas trucks, then shouldn’t these environmental groups be suing the president instead?

The Postal Service Pushes Back

In its defense, the Postal Service insists that it conducted a robust and thorough review, claiming that it is acting within its obligations under Biden’s plans. In a statement, the organization revealed:

“We will continue to look for opportunities to increase the electrification of our delivery fleet in a responsible manner, consistent with our operating strategy, the deployment of appropriate infrastructure, and our financial condition, which we expect to continue to improve as we pursue our plan.”

The last factor mentioned: the organization’s “financial condition” is somewhat telling. It may be that the Postal Service simply doesn’t have the funds to purchase EVs, which are initially more expensive than gas trucks despite having lower operating costs long-term.


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