On April 21, 2020, a two-vehicle collision in Yuma, Arizona resulted in the death of one of the drivers due to the injuries he received after the accident.  A 31-year-old man was driving a Lexus eastbound and moved to the left into the westbound lane where it collided with the Ford headfirst.

The Ford was knocked off the roadway to the north shoulder and the Lexus was knocked over to the south shoulder. The 31-year-old man died at the scene of the collision due to his injuries. The other driver who was a 32-year-old man survived with only complaints about pain on his face.

Further investigation into the case revealed that it was the deceased driver who had been driving out of control right before the accident took place. However, there was no evidence of intoxications anywhere near the scene of the collision.

When to involve the police after an accident in Yuma, Arizona


Any driver who gets into a serious accident should contact police officers to report the damage done. In Arizona, it is the duty of law enforcement officers to report accidents that result in injuries, property damage of over $1000, or the death of anyone involved. All drivers are required to remain at the site of the accident until police officers can evaluate the situation.

Police officers are required to report the collision within 24 hours of the accident occurring. Their accident report must contain the exact time of the accident, the location of the accident, and identifying information of anyone involved in the accident, including victims as well as a narrative of the events of the collision.

If you call police officers and leave before they can arrive at the scene, you can be held liable and charged with a second- or third-degree felony depending on how serious the accident was. It is always a good idea to contact law enforcement officials or the highway patrol after getting into a collision because calling them will give a person an idea of how serious their accident is and whether or not more legal action needs to be taken.

If a person was in a car accident caused by a police officer, similar rules apply but they will need to collect as much evidence as possible to prove that the losses they suffered were the fault of the police officer. The more evidence a person has, the more chances they will be compensated fairly.

Anyone who gets into a serious collision should get in touch with an accident attorney in Yuma, Arizona in order to get a proper understanding of what legal steps should be taken to get properly compensated for any losses they may have faced.

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