Yuma driver is rear ended and experiences back pain and shoulder trauma

Local police from the Somerton – Cocopah department responded to find a motor vehicle accident in the Yuma, Arizona area

Pickup truck is rear ended by a Hummer on a county road

They believe that the incident began around the intersection of County 19th Street and Avenue H at around 8 am. The local fire department arrived on the scene and found that a Ford Escape and Hummer H3 had both collided, causing severe damage to both vehicles. 

An initial investigation showed that both cars were going westbound on County 19th Street, when the Hummer went into the rear end of the Ford Escape. When emergency workers arrived on the scene, they found that the driver of the Ford vehicle was a 41 year old male who immediately started complaining of severe back pain. He also mentioned that his left shoulder was hurting, and he was taken to Yuma Regional Medical Center to be examined and given treatment. The driver of the Hummer appeared to be uninjured and police said that he did not want medical attention at the scene. The Yuma County Sheriff’s Office planned to conduct a full investigation into the cause of the accident. 

Somerton is just southwest of the Yuma International Airport in southwest Arizona. 

Getting payments for injuries and property damage

In a situation such as this where at least one person involved in the car accident is hurt, there may be significant medical expenses that are not covered by insurance. A doctor may have to perform x-rays, check someone’s back and neck for trauma, or close open wounds with stitches. Some of these injuries can require long term care if they are serious. When this happens it is important to speak with a lawyer to attempt to make the person at fault for the accident pay for these medical costs through a civil lawsuit. 

Civil cases against negligent drivers

A lawyer for the plaintiff will attempt to argue that the driver who was at fault is financially responsible for all of their client’s losses. This can be done by using the accident report, testimony of witnesses, photos of the scene, and various other pieces of evidence. The lawyer for the defense will also have a chance to contest these accusations and respond by either admitting or denying each statement of facts in the initial pleading that begins the lawsuit. If the two sides cannot agree and come to a settlement, there will be a full trial where a jury decides the issue. 

Get help from a car accident attorney in Arizona

There are local lawyers in Yuma who can assist clients with the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident, including lawsuits, insurance issues, and other related matters. To get more information, contact Schneider and Onofry, Attorneys at Law

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